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Star Wars: 'The light in the dark' *AU* - Darth Vader worship

Oct. 19th, 2008

07:33 pm - Star Wars: 'The light in the dark' *AU*

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Title: The light in the dark
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Darth Vader and Dormé
Ratings & Warnings: G
Beta: Huge thanks goes to cariel =D
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.

Anakin never liked nightfall or night time for that matter. It wasn't that he was afraid of the dark or even the vulnerability that came with it. It unnerved him for reasons he couldn't explain.

When he was still in the Jedi Order, he’d tell himself that growing up on Tatooine meant rarely ever having to experience a true nightfall. As a soldier fighting during the Clone Wars, he’d blame it on the Separatists who took full advantage of night attacks. Even when he was succumbing to the dark side, Anakin was certain the feeling would one day pass, with the end of the war, the end of the Jedi, and the end of the Republic; he was wrong.

He was a Sith Lord now, second in command of an empire, a follower and servant of the darkness. He was a broken man with shattered dreams and a clarity he, more often than not, wished he didn’t have. The bitter irony wasn’t missed on him.

Only now, as Vader found himself staring at the vast forest that seemed to envelop Delaya's most fortified imperial base, did he understand the reason behind his silent struggles with the night. When it was dark, Anakin always felt as though he couldn’t hide, not from just outside threats as he once believed, but rather from himself. The truth was always more vicious in the dark—the loneliness as well, which begged the question: why was he here? Why did he always feel the need to come here every night to study the moon and stars? To embrace the night instead of avoiding it as he always did in the past?

Delaya, once the home of a rebel stronghold, was now firmly in the hands of the Empire. Vader saw to it personally, establishing a base, a weapons depot, and a hanger bay. He made it into one of the finest imperial strongholds. He’d be damned if he let the rebels get their hands on this planet again. All the while, Anakin never allowed himself to consider the true reasons why he kept the planet so firmly under his watchful gaze. It was just too nonsensical, certainly too embarrassing of a reason to plausibly accept nevermind admit. Yet it was for this very reason that he found himself standing night after night, poised at the edge of the base’s rear balconies. Touching the Force, he sought out the mystery that kept him returning to this place.

It was always the same; he’d feel a strange anomaly in the Force, a storm or a blackhole. Soon after, he’d hear a woman’s voice, haunting, but beautiful, singing in a language so familiar, yet just beyond his comprehension.

Shortly after claiming Delaya for the Empire, Vader discovered the anomaly. Not certain if it was a threat or even a warning, the Dark Lord ordered his troops to search out the area for signs or evidence of civilization. Outside of a nearby destroyed village and an abandoned field hospital, there was no solid evidence pertaining to the strange Force aura or the singer. There had been some survivors, but they were all locals and none spoke the language the mysterious singer sang. Yet not a night went by without the strange Force storm taunting his senses or the sound of the stranger’s voice inviting him to answer her.

It had been well over two weeks since Lord Vader and his men secured their location. Since then, things had settled and now Vader was determined to seek out the mystery that had been haunting his every waking moment.

It wasn't long before Anakin felt the familiar shift in the Force, the storm he called it, for he had no other word to describe it. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he'd hear the sound of singing, but this time, he was ready for it. Quietly, he departed from the balcony, making his way to the ground where the Sith Lord promptly followed the strange aura and the beautiful voice.

The sound of his boots were loud and unseemly, his respirator even more so. It left him feeling awkward, entirely out of his element in contrast to the peaceful music and sounds that filled the night air. Night birds sang and chirped, while other nocturnal animals called out to one another. Even the mysterious singer’s voice grew stronger with each step he took. Despite himself, Anakin couldn't help but wonder what the lyrics of the stranger's song meant. A part of him almost didn’t want to know. Mystery had an appeal of its own and the music filled him with memories of simpler times. He was loathed to have reality ruin it.

Suddenly, his hidden eyes caught sight of a petite form perched over a small creek and with it, all coherent thought slipped away. The creek itself was fairly large in size, large enough to ensure Vader kept his distance. It was also swollen with waterflowers, almost to the point where one couldn’t see the water’s surface. The moonlight filtered through the trees, casting a glow around the young woman and the blooms she cared for.

Vader watched the young woman as she collected the wilted petals and removed the flowers that had died in order to make room for new, younger blossoms to bloom. Through his mask, he could see that her fingers were calloused and marvelled at how skilful and gentle they were.

All the while, she sang softly to an audience she wasn’t aware she even had.

Speechless, he could only stare in awe and disbelief as she continued to tend to the water garden. It was as though he were witnessing something from the legends he heard as a child.

Anakin didn't how long he stood watching and listening to the mysterious beauty or why his legs wouldn’t allow him to walk away. Though the mystery of the stranger had been answered, Vader soon discovered that it was only the beginning of many more mysteries.

Without warning, she looked up, her amber eyes holding his hidden gaze as though she were peering beyond his mask and into his soul. It was unnerving, yet intriguing and it caused his cheeks to warm. Immediately, her voice fell silent as she continued to study him intently, causing his heart to race in anticipation.

Time moved to a crawl. So many words came to his thoughts, but none found their way to his lips. It was as though he were the one caught unaware instead of her.

“Who are you?” Anakin demanded before even having the chance to comprehend what he was saying. If the young woman was troubled or startled by his words, it didn't show. Instead, she rose to her feet as a kind smile crept onto her features. It was clear that she wasn't intimidated by the towering, black armoured form who watched her with hidden eyes.

“I'm Dormé.”

Vader knew it was only proper to give his name, but words once more failed him. The young beauty held his gaze for a moment longer as she patiently waited for a reply. The moon continued to filter through the trees, illuminating her face and revealing hints of freckles on her cheeks and nose. Anakin was unable to look away.

Upon realizing the armoured being wasn't about to speak, Dormé's smile turned impish as she slowly turned to walk away.

Vader knew a silent invitation had been given and knew that it was only proper to follow, but his feet would not cooperate. In truth, he was just too overwhelmed by it all to react. She had become a ray of light in this darkness and Anakin feared if he were to follow, she would only disappear like everything else in his life.

As though sensing this, the young woman glanced over her shoulder briefly meeting his gaze once more. There was no mischief in her amber eyes now, only silent understanding and compassion.

Anakin swiftly glanced away feeling unworthy of her gentle stare. When he looked back, she was gone as though she had never been there.

Alone in the darkness of the forest, the young Sith Lord stood frozen in position as he watched the trees and shadows for any sign of movement. There was none to be found, not even with the dark side of the Force could he sense the young woman's presence.

As Vader returned to the imperial base, he couldn't help but feel as though a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He didn't need to question it, for the answer had been found in young beauty's amber eyes. They held within them an unspoken promise of hope and the silent reminder that even in the darkest hour, there is always a ray of light.