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Star Wars *AU* The Last to Know (quasi Vader/Dormé Dormé/Jerjerrod) - Darth Vader worship

Nov. 1st, 2008

11:15 pm - Star Wars *AU* The Last to Know (quasi Vader/Dormé Dormé/Jerjerrod)

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Title: Last to know
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Vader, Dormé and Jerjerrod
Theme: #24. The Iliad (Rivalry)
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me =D
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Of course I own none of this. Though I truly wished I did >;)

Anakin didn’t expect the news; in fact, he’ was caught completely off guard by it. While already painfully aware of Dormé’s relationship with Moff Jerjerrod, he never imagined it would ever have progressed into something more lasting. Marriage, as his dear friend once told him, was the furthest thing from her mind. This was about having fun and enjoying life.

For Vader, there was nothing about that relationship was either fun or enjoyable. Annoying, infuriating, and unfair sounded more accurate, at least for him. Now the word speechless came to mind, followed by despair and fear.

Dormé was going to be married and it would not be to him. Anakin didn’t know whether to weep or to kill someone. A part of him felt betrayed by her silence; a greater part of him just felt ashamed. Only now did he realize that on many occasions, Dormé had tried to speak to him. However, jealousy always ensured that he kept her at arm’s length. Only now did he realize just how badly he had shut her out. Was it really any wonder that she turned to the moff for companionship?

Snapping out of his dark thoughts, Vader frowned as he stared at the blank holo screen in front of him. The message received moments ago had been brief: a polite reminder of the wedding ceremony’s tomorrow, so he could prepare accordingly. Their idea of preparations pertained to the absence of certain commanders, least of these being the bride and groom. Vader’s ideas of preparations were a little different.

Slamming a gloved fist hard against the table Vader frowned as he hissed a curse. Vader knew something had to be done. Dormé couldn’t just walk into his life, inadvertently steal his heart, and then disappear without a trace. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair, and he’d be damned if he didn’t find a way to stop it. If only to show his dear friend what a terrible mistake she was making.

It was the evening before the wedding and Vader had yet to devise a plan to stop it. The most obvious option would be to admit to his feelings, to express his doubts. Anakin, however, knew enough to know that it would be inappropriate. It didn’t stop him from sending messages of a threatening nature to Dormé’s fiancé. Nor did it stop him from sending warnings to Dormé of what would happen if she tried to marry Jerjerrod.

Nevertheless, if Dormé knew it was him, she didn’t say. In fact, the young beauty acted as though nothing had ever happened. Little did Vader know that Dormé had yet to figure out how to operate the holo-comm’s upgrades. For Moff Jerjerrod the effect was opposite. The death threats were an on-going joke that everyone seemed to enjoy. Everyone, save for the young Sith Lord who was infuriated by the nerve of his commanders who mocked his threats without realizing it was him.

It didn’t stop him from continuing to spend long hours into the evening preparing messages of threats and promises of death should he marry Dormé, while his droid carefully put it to a data pad. Nor did it stop him from sending messages to his dearest friend begging her to reconsider her decision. This wasn’t about jealousy or envy, he explained, but the truth.

The truth was Vader knew that while Dormé cared for Jerjerrod she didn’t love him. He was also certain that Dormé wasn’t aware of this fact and so he continued to send his messages unaware that she was unable to open them.

Nevertheless no one took his messages seriously until one by one, crew mates began to go missing.

Yet throughout it all, not once did Dormé express second thoughts about her relationship or the wedding. It was for that reason alone that Anakin didn’t remove the Moff. Unless Dormé spoke otherwise, Moff Jarjerrod was out of bounds to him.

Tonight the young bride-to-be requested the Sith Lord’s presence. It had been months since he had allowed himself to speak to Dormé outside of work. Eventually, after many attempts to understand why Vader was avoiding her, the young woman respected his need for space. Tonight, it would seem she wanted to make one last attempt to mend things. Deep down, he knew better, but it didn’t stop Vader from feeling torn between guilt and hope.

Dormé, as always, looked radiant; her freckled smile made his heart race, while her amber eyes scattered all coherent thought. For the umpteenth time, Vader wondered why he hadn’t realized his feelings sooner; now he just cursed himself for it. If only.

However, even she didn’t speak of the wedding or even of Jerjerrod, it was clear to Anakin that Dormé was having second thoughts. Dormé appeared at ease, happy even, but there was something missing, something Anakin couldn’t ignore. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for Anakin. When Vader left her private quarters that evening, he knew just what to do.

“I promise you, by morning, everything will be as it should be.”

The confusion he saw on her face almost brought a smile to his own. Vader was certain Dormé would be thrilled to learn what he had done, or so he believed. She was making the biggest mistake of her life; she just didn’t know it yet. Vader was determined to help her understand.

Moff Jarjerrod was normally used to long hours of work an occupational hazard that normally suited him just fine. However, tonight was the eve of his wedding, so he thought retiring a little early was in order.

In the shadows of the moff’s quarters, Lord Vader waited and watched, biding his time. Using the Force to mask his respirator, Vader prepared to make his attack.

Oblivious to his assailant’s presence, the moff went about his evening, preparing some tea while going over datapads.

Embracing the dark side, Vader began to extend dark tendrils from his body toward his unsuspecting prey. The man’s ignorance and lack of observation only added to Anakin’s anger. Dormé deserved so much better than this fool!

The inky tendrils began to wrap around the man growing rapidly tighten around the moff’s form. The man soon realized something was terribly wrong as he couldn’t move and it was then that Vader lowered his Force shields and revealed himself.

But Moff Jarjerrod was not a coward. Even now he was more indignant at the intrusion over the obvious threat Anakin posed.

“Lord Vader, have you no respect for a man’s privacy? Or are you here to deliver another one of your foolish messages?”

Vader had intended on a slower, more painful death, but the fool’s statement triggered his rage. The man blatantly knew he was responsible and still he dared to mock him?

“What is the meaning—” Jarjerrod stammered out before crying out in shock and pain.

The dark lord didn’t speak a word as he began to press hard against the man’s skull. Soon the shouts became incoherent curses before transforming into blood curdling screams of pain.

Blood flowed freely from every orifice of Jarjerrod’s face. Vader too lost in his rage and jealousy didn’t stop. The sound of bone breaking filled his ears, while through the Force he could hear the man’s requiem as his spirit returned to the Force. Lost to the dark side, Vader smiled to the beautiful music.

With a resounding crunch, the man’s head finally caved under the pressure of the Sith Lord’s gloved hands, causing blood, bone, and matter to decorate the back wall and his armour. With a hidden frown, he tossed the carcass aside. His work was done and he couldn’t have been happier.

But when Anakin turned back, he promptly discovered that another had witnessed his violent form of justice. Stunned by the horrific sight, the beautiful bride stared at what was left of her fiancé. Equally stunned and embarrassed, Vader stared back at her. This wasn’t at all how he planned to surprise her.

Immediately their eyes met—somehow Dormé always knew how to hold his gaze even with the mask—causing Anakin’s world to come to a halt. There was no anger in Dormé’s amber gaze, no hatred, no judgment either, just sadness and a realization that he had been behind it all. The silence that hung between them spoke volumes and in it held truths that Vader wasn’t sure he was ready to face. He didn’t have a choice.

“He was a good man, Anakin. They were all good men. Are you satisfied now? Were they really worth it?”

She held his gaze a moment longer as an unspoken questions lingered in her eyes. After a moment’s pause she spoke out again, leaving Vader with the one question that would haunt his thoughts for days to come.

“Was all this really necessary?”