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Star Wars: *AU* 'Sanctuary' Vader/Dormé - Darth Vader worship

Nov. 9th, 2008

01:08 pm - Star Wars: *AU* 'Sanctuary' Vader/Dormé

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Title: Sanctuary
Pairing: Anakin/Dormé
Ratings & Warnings: PG-14 just to be safe.
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author's Notes: None here. Its pretty self explanatory.


It wasn’t the first time Anakin had been with a woman nor was it Dormé’s first time with a man either. Both had their share of lovers, but this was their first time truly making love.

Anakin knew his decision to propose would be considered rushed by most standards. Whoever heard of proposing without courting one’s lover first? It was preposterous if he were to quote one of his more eloquent commanders.

Yet when Vader stared into Dormé’s amber eyes he knew that he had loved her for far too long to follow proper protocol. She too, had loved him for so long, far longer than he had ever known. It was a humbling thought, one that left him feeling eternally grateful and forever indebted.

Candles flickered and danced, casting shadows across the room while giving Dormé’s freckled body a warm glow. A mischievous but loving smile played on her lips, causing the freckles on her cheeks -rosy from heated kisses- to drive Anakin mad with desire.

Words were unnecessary as they held one another’s gaze, their shared smiles mirroring their thoughts and so much more. No longer able to resist, Anakin leaned in to kiss Dormé’s lips. Eagerly she returned it while hummed in reply; an unspoken statement meant only for their souls to understand. Gently his hands -so real, yet not- explored Dormé’s petite form with all the love he held for her. Careful fingers almost shook as he outlined her freckles, before allowing his lips followed their trail.

This was so much more than just empty passion or the desperation of loneliness, it was almost sacred. None of his previous lovers could attest to the loving care he now showed the beauty in his arms. Neither could they say he ever paused to look upon them with such affection, certainly not the way he did now with his beloved.

Startled by his sudden pause Dormé gave Anakin an amused, albeit quizzical look.

“Tell me this is real,” he whispered as his fingers once so calloused, now unnaturally smooth touched her freckled cheek. Her expression softened as she slipped her hand over his fingers. Anakin could have sworn that unshed tears shone in her amber eyes as she nodded in reply. It was all the confirmation he needed.

Her lips soon met his own with a passion he had never known before. While calloused fingers -hardened from a life that Vader swore he would never let Dormé experience again- caressed his broken body. Soon she covered his every scar with kisses, leaving Anakin feeling loved and desired in ways he had never known until now.

As his passions grew, it Dormés name that he moaned, not Padmé’s as it had once been with past lovers. With it came a sense of liberation; the end of his own dark past. No more could Padmé haunt him with her lies or games of the mind. Anakin was finally free now to love the one who truly held his heart. But his victory was short lived as soon all coherent thought faded away. Leaving only the passionate awareness of their hearts beating in time to the silent song of their souls.

It was many hours later before their desires were momentarily sated. Peacefully they rested with their bodies intertwined beneath crimson silken sheets while Anakin’s protestations of love -carved in wood frame of their bed- over looked their resting forms. With one hand holding Dormés body tightly, while the other played with her tangled locks of hair Vader felt as though everything was right with the universe. As though in that moment he had found his perfect sanctuary.

It wasn’t just the privacy of their bedchambers-though it thrilled him to refer to it as theirs nor the opulent beauty that it contained. His sanctuary was far more personal. It was in the secrets they had never shared with another. The long hours of they’d spend talking about everything and anything; the meticulous way Dormé could lower his defences without knowing or even trying. It was the realization that Dormé knew him better than he knew himself, and discovery that he too, understood her better than even she did.
His sanctuary wasn’t a place, it was the beauty in his arms and the love they now shared.