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Darth Vader worship

All hail Lord Vader

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We worship His Shadow...oops, wrong science fiction show. ^_^

For all of us who love and adore Darth Vader, black suit, heavy breathing, and all. This is for pictures, fan fiction, discussion, you name it.

While many of us here, including the moderators, are Anakin fans, there are many other Anakin and Hayden communities for you. This is not one of them. We are strictly about our man in black. For those of you who only like Anakin and not Vader, we find your lack of faith disturbing. ^_~

Come here, and adore the hotness in the suit! It is pointless to resist. You do not know the power of the Dark Side!

Darth Vader is Dark Love

Wish to affiliate with us? Let us know and we'll swap links and support. ^_^

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