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A Different View, Star Wars, Vader, Luke, Obi-Wan, Rated G - Darth Vader worship

Dec. 8th, 2006

04:30 pm - A Different View, Star Wars, Vader, Luke, Obi-Wan, Rated G

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Title: A Different View
Author: ring34_ani
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Vader, Luke, Obi-Wan
Rating: G
Word count: 410
Disclaimers: I do not own Star Wars or its characters.
Notes: Just a short story that popped into my head.
Summary: Obi-Wan observes Vader and his son.

A Different View

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, I thought desperately as I watched Vader and his son. Dark Lords didn’t feel compassion. They certainly didn’t feel love. But if that were true, what was it I saw in the Dark Lord’s eyes as he looked at his injured son?

Vader had risked himself, vulnerable without his armor, to come to Luke’s aid when no one else could have. Had risked the flames and blaster fire that would surely have done devastating damage to his already fragile body. And why? Because a hurt and dying Luke had called to him in fear and pain. Luke had called to the one person he’d always wanted most…his father. And the Dark Lord had come.

Luke would have died if Vader hadn’t found him when he did. Perhaps still would have if Vader hadn’t healed him from his worst injuries. But healed him how? The dark side didn’t heal. The dark side corrupted and destroyed.

But here he sat, the man who had once been Anakin Skywalker, and cradled his injured child in his arms, soothing him with gentle touches from his mechanical hands and quiet words with his ruined, broken voice. And love. Yes, that’s what it clearly was in Vader’s eyes, it couldn’t be denied now.

I had labeled him a monster, a machine with an evil, twisted mind. Consumed by hated. I had declared Anakin Skywalker dead, had seen him die, so long ago on the burning planet Mustafar. Yet wasn’t it Anakin I was looking at now? Wasn’t this the boy I had raised and trained? The boy I had thought lost forever to Palpatine?

The force swirled and flowed madly around Vader and his son, burning with such a bright light. Luke lay in his father’s arms. He rubbed his face against Vader’s throat until he found the bare scarred flesh beneath the black coverings. Despite his still great pain, a look of contentment crossed his young tired face. He was finally where he had always wanted to be.

Vader held Luke with a fierce protectiveness, promising his son things in his low raspy voice. Things I knew he hadn’t told anyone else in over twenty years. Promises of being together. Promises of being free.


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