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Star Wars: 'Beneath the Mask' *Vader/Dormé* (fanart/fic) - Darth Vader worship

Nov. 18th, 2008

05:59 pm - Star Wars: 'Beneath the Mask' *Vader/Dormé* (fanart/fic)

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Title: Beneath the mask
Characters: Anakin/Vader (with focus on Dormé)
Ratings & Warnings: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.


If there was one thing Anakin knew he would never tire of it was travelling the stars. As a boy he used to always dream of the day when he could leave Tatooine and explore the galaxy entire. Even now years later, Vader still felt a rush of childish joy every time he had the chance to take to the stars. Commanding The Executor vastly paled by comparison to controlling one of the touchy, yet reliable T.I.E. fighters.

As he guided his customized T.I.E. fighter back to his star destroyer, the young sith lord couldn’t help but feel a little regret over the fact Dormé didn’t share his love of the skies. As the young intelligence officer once politely put it; flying wasn’t her talent. Since the early days of their courtship Anakin had often tried to teach her how to fly, but it was clear that Dormé was more comfortable with her feet on solid ground. He didn’t mind, the fact she was even willing to try meant more to him than words could ever say.

If there was one thing that he loved more than flying it was her. It was for this reason that he grew excited upon hearing that he could land his ship. Though he loved his journeys into space, the hunts, and the battles that followed, for the first time he realized that returning home held a peace of its own.

The deck crew politely gave their orders and despite his rank, Anakin followed them. When it came to take offs and landing, his life was literally in their hands.

At the edge of the hanger bay he could see Dormé’s petite form clad in red. The hour was late if he were to trust the chronometer on her control panel. Anakin wondered how she knew of his arrival. He then wondered if she knew of is recent victory in the battle over Agamar.

It was a fleeting thought, one he forced his attentions back to landing. The TIE fighter he flew was customized not only for his skills but for his needs. Twitch and difficult to control; it was as deadly as it was agile. However it was also durable and reliable as well. Unfortunately the hanger bay wasn’t designed for its landings and so it required great care and skill.

Vader succeeded without so much as a scratch on the deck. Emerging from the ship the sith lord was greeted by his usual entourage of officers and commanders alike. They waited for the debriefing and sought to update him on what he had missed during his absence. But their words fell silent when the petite beauty approached.

Clad in a revealing, crimson gown and heeled black boots, Dormé was clearly the center of attention. But if she knew she had all eyes on her it didn’t show. In fact it was perfectly clear that she had eyes only for one, the masked man before her.

Proudly she approached, her freckled smile threatening to drive him mad with desire. If there were ever a reason Anakin longed to return from the stars it was to be with her. In fact she was the only reason he was ever reluctant about leaving the executioner for long periods of time.

Standing on the balls of her feet, Dormé kissed the bottom of his mask as he slipped his arms around her. It had been weeks since they saw each other last and it showed. A soft, amused curse escaped her perfect lips causing him to smile. It was clear to all that she was too short to properly kiss his mask. Never one to back down, the young woman smiled impishly before daintily stepping onto the top of his boots. Despite himself Vader chuckled behind his mask; it sounded more like a growl. Dormé slipped her arms around his neck, while her fingers found the hidden clasps of his mask.

With great care and love she began to undo the top layer. Soon Vader’s gloved fingers slipped over her calloused hands to assist. The outer shell slipped to the floor with a hollow clatter. All the officers were watching now but the lovers didn’t notice. With great care, Dormé removed the last of Vader’s mask, revealing his pale, scarred features for all to see.

In another time, another place Vader would have been humiliated, indignant even. But her amber eyes, so filled with love and sincere desire left him filled with humble joy. With his inner mask in one hand and the other caressing his scarred cheek the petite beauty kissed him full on the lips. Her breath was warm and sweet; filling his lungs with life while her lips filled his heart with desire.

While the galaxy and its many wonders would always have a special place in Anakin’s heart but it was Dormé’s arms that Vader’s soul would always belong.