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Star Wars: 'Comets' *AU* 'Dorme/Vader' - Darth Vader worship

Dec. 5th, 2008

05:10 pm - Star Wars: 'Comets' *AU* 'Dorme/Vader'

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Title: Comets
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Dormé (Leia mentioned)
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me =D
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Of course I own none of this. Though I truly wished I did >;)

In space, it was hard to forget how small he really was in contrast to the cosmos. It also reminded Lord Vader just how small his problems had to appear to whatever powers that existed in the universe. It was a frustrating thought, one that reminded him of all the reasons he chose to follow the path of darkness. There were so many reasons, but the small crimson stained wooden box in his hands was not one of them.

“Daddy, one day I am going to visit every star!” Leia announced proudly one day while medical droids examined her blood levels.

“And what will you do when you get there, princess?” he asked her.

“I’m going to explore and find friends!” she stated matter-of-factly as hypo guns were injected into her already bruised skin.

“I know you will, princess, and when you do, you must promise Daddy that you’ll introduce me to them!” he said with a gentle smile as she took his hand.

With a firm nod, she promised that she would before explaining that they’d have to teach her friends about sheet-forts and pillow tossing.

Though Anakin longed to fulfil her dreams of travel, Leia’s illness made it impossible. The little girl slipped into a coma within days and shortly after returned to the Force. Months later Anakin, now known as Darth Vader, found himself standing in front of an airlock that over looked the Executioner’s bridge. It was a rare moment when he was able to have time for himself. Even rarer was the opportunity to witness the journey of the two comets that were now passing by his destroyer. When he first learned of the approaching comets, the Sith Lord knew his time had come.

Though Leia had been too young to understand the finer details of comets, she was fascinated by them. Despite knowing they were nothing more than rocks frozen in ice, to her they were beautiful.

“Of course they’re pretty, Daddy! They’re cold that’s all! Even I not look pretty when I have to wear fat coats to be warm!”

Closing his eyes, Vader tried to block out the memory of her chastising him for saying comets were normally ugly. It was too much and he was forced to blink back the tears that stung his eyes. Even though she was only five years old, the little girl had been wise beyond her years. She was also compassionate beyond measure.

With a great struggle, he cleared his thoughts and reminded himself that the comets would soon be passing by the destroyer.

The crew didn’t understand why the dark lord wanted to place the ships coordinate so dangerously close to the approaching comet’s path. However, no one dared to question it.

To Anakin, this wasn’t a funeral. This was about fulfilling a final wish. The Tatooine people believed that for a spirit to rest, the body had to be placed somewhere it could know peace; for Leia, that would mean walking among the stars. Though he could never take her to all of them, Vader had faith the passing meteors would.

With great care and love, he opened the wooden box, revealing the ashes of what had once been his ray of light. Gingerly placing it onto the durasteel floor, Anakin drew in a deep breath and let his thoughts return to the past.

He could still remember the day he discovered his little girl had been diagnosed with a rare disease that would one day claim her life and later his soul. Leia had been the stronger of the twins. Luke had been stillborn. In the end, she proved to be the strongest of them all.

Medics explained to the devastated parents that the twins had contracted an unknown disease which may have crossed species. Though it wasn’t deadly for healthy adults, for younglings, it was terminal. With Padmé’s constant journeys off-world and to the Outer Rim, it could have been anything.

Padmé folded under the guilt and stress of what was required to care for a baby, whom doctors claimed wouldn’t live until the age of one. In the end, it was Padmé who wasn’t able to last until Leia’s first birthday. Months after the child’s diagnosis, their marriage dissolved, leaving Anakin as the sole care giver of their daughter.

The Jedi didn’t bother taking the girl into their care. With the clone wars going on, the child was considered to be too much of a burden for their resources it was just too much effort and care for a child whom they knew would never reach adulthood.

Furious and heartbroken for his daughter, Anakin withdrew from the Order. The reasons for his departure forever changed the temple’s outlook. More Jedi began to step down, either to join the Sith or to retire their skills.

It was a dark time, one that would have consumed Anakin if it hadn’t been for his daughter. For Leia, he would move the stars if asked of him. But all the child wanted was her Daddy’s love; he gave it freely and without reserve. Though he had made many mistakes in his life, Leia was not one of them. When it came to his little girl, Anakin swore to himself that he wouldn’t fail.

With Palpatine’s help, Anakin was able to give Leia the best treatments available and ensured that they had a place to live. He also found a job that enabled Anakin to work from home so he could fit in Leia’s heavy schedule of appointments, operations, and tests.

Only when his little princess had returned to the Force did Anakin accept Palpatine’s offer to join the Sith. He refused to dedicate his life to anything that didn’t revolve around his daughter. Fortunately his mentor, and later his master, respected his wish to devote his life to Leia and didn’t further interfere.

The two meteorites were approaching their bodies now barely covered with ice. It was suited that Leia should join them as they parted from the star they just orbited. She would want to keep them warm.

Rising to his feet, Vader quietly departed to the control room that overlooked the air lock. Patiently, he waited until the comets were within range before activating the airlock doors causing them to slowly open.

The little box of ashes was swiftly caught by the air filter and taken out to the stars. Anakin watched on in pained silence as he struggled to contain his emotions. Though he had lost his daughter months ago, only now did he feel as if he had let her go.

Like the two meteors that continued on with their journey, Vader felt stripped and cold. His little star who had once given him life and warmth was truly gone now. For the first time since his son’s death and the discovery of his daughter’s illness, Anakin wept. His tears were not for his own loss, but the loss of all the experiences and dreams neither Luke nor Leia would ever know. Their lives had been stolen away before they even had a chance.

Lost to his thoughts, Anakin didn’t realize that he wasn’t alone until he felt the gentle warmth of fingers wrap around his waist. The young Sith Lord didn’t know who the stranger was, only that she had once been a handmaiden to Padmé. In another time, another place, he would have been embarrassed, even ashamed. Such emotions, in his mind, were unbecoming and weak, no matter what the reason.

But her emotions were heavy, filled with compassion and empathy. Through the Force, he could tell that she too mourned the loss of a child. Vader knew better than to ask, but his heart went out to her all the same. His tears soon ran dry, but he continued to hold the beautiful stranger while his fingers began to run through her dark hair.

As his gaze drifted back to the windows that overlooked the airlock, he caught sight of the meteors. Though distant to his eyes now, Vader could almost their colourful tails lighting up the darkness. As his blue eyes met the beautiful woman’s amber gaze, Anakin realized that in his little star’s passing she had left him with a gift of another sort: a chance to know love again.